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When the temperature begins to rise, people start looking for refreshing frozen desserts and treats. And when it comes to desserts, nothing can be tastier and more tempting than an ice cream. Whether you love smooth and creamy ice cream over a sugary cone, classic Italian gelato, or the cool flavors of a fresh sorbet, a frozen dessert is the best summer indulgence that is sure to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. Once of the most amazing and exciting ways to enjoy refreshing chilled desserts and treats is to make it yourself. This is when an ice cream maker comes into situation. If you don’t know how to use this efficient machine, read through our step by step guide to get the most out of your ice cream maker.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Read the Instruction Manual

Once you’ve purchased the best ice cream maker, go through the user guide that comes with your machine. This will give you an idea about its connections, features, and of course, operation. Connect the machine according to the given instructions. This user guide will also let you know whether or not you need to pre-freezer the mixing bowl for a night.

Step 2: Get the Mixing Bowl Ready

Add ice cream mixture to the mixing bowl. It is a good practice to not overfill this bowl. The ice cream maker’s user guide is the best thing you can use to determine the machine’s capacity. If you add excessive mixture to the bowl, the ice cream may not aerate properly.

Step 3: Place the Mixing Bowl into the Machine

If you own a self-freezing ice cream mixer, you don’t need to place the mixing bowl in the freezer for an entire night. Such ice cream makers have built-in compressors that are built to freeze the ice cream on their own. Once you’ve filled the mixing bowl, quickly adjust the bowl into the ice cream maker.

Step 4: Add Paddle or Dasher

Fit the paddle or dasher inside the mixing bowl. This is the basic tool that is used to hold the ice cream mixture together. The mixing bowl fits inside a unit that contains the freezing agent, salt and ice. This is basically an electric refrigerating system. It may also be a chemical coolant sealed within the walls of mixing bowl.

Step 5: Turn the Machine on

Once you’ve adjusted all the given components according to the given user manual, turn the ice cream maker on. The dasher or paddle will whip the ice cream mixture. This constant whipping will keep the ice cream mixture aerated and smooth as it starts freezing. Absence or lack of air will make the mixture brick-solid or hardened. Improperly aerated mixture develops ice crystals that can ruin the texture and taste of your homemade ice cream.

Cover the mixing bowl with the given transparent lid and wait 30-40 minutes for your favorite dessert. These transparent lids allow you to monitor the consistency of ice cream mixture.